What are the Advantages and disadvantages of electronic devices?

Nowadays electronic devices play a virtual role in our daily life. The primary motive for designing the electronic devices is to save time and work efficiently and effectively. The electronic device makes everything easier and comfortable. The impact of electronic devices and technologies in modern life is non-measurable. We use these techniques in day by day life for fulfilling our needs and requirements. But it comes with their set of disadvantages. These technologies have evolved with a year to year, some examples of electronic devices are as follows.

1)            Laptops computers

2)            Smartphones

3)            LED / LCD Television

4)            Digital cameras

5)            PlayStation

6)            Robotics.

7)            Modern transformation technologies and much more.

Electronic Devices
Electronic Devices

Advantages of Electronic Devices

1)            It is easy to Access the information more quickly.

2)            It allows peoples to stay in an organized manner and stay in constant communication.

3)            It also improves the lifestyle easier and lesser complexity.

4)            It is helpful for students to stimulate the senses and imaginations.

5)            It also helps in learning and development of logical and analytical skills.

6)            It also reduces the workload and lesser time for execution.

7)            It also enables the lifestyle easier.

8)            It also enables multi-tasking, web suffering, multi-processing at the same time.

9)            It also encourages innovation and creativity.

10)          Drastic changes in the health industry.

11)          Advanced technologies make learning simpler/easier.

These are some fundamental advantages of electronic devices that are showed above. We all know that electronic devices are made for reducing the burner and physical effects. It brings the revolution in our life. The best example of revolution is the world of internet retails. If you are establishing your business, when online based business is less costly than the physical business.

Disadvantages of Electronic Devices

1)            It also reduces the immobility.

2)            World destructive technologies and weapons.

3)            Addiction towards the latest technology and electronic devices.

4)            It increases the loneliness and reduces the engaging towards the environment.

5)            Non-biodegradable, non-recyclable electronic waste that effects our environments.

These are some disadvantages of modern electronic devices that are shown above. We all love to use the advanced technologies. We are entirely surrounded by these technologies but sometimes it also effects in different manners.  This modern technology is the main reason for replacing humans. Robotics technologies are doing their jobs.  Everything has their merits and demerits it depend on the fundamental aspects. Electronic devices and play games play positive effects in increasing the mental abilities and reduce the stress.


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